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Types of Local Business Citations and Local Citation Audit and Cleanup Steps

Local citations are the mentions of a business through the web that entail the name, phone number, and physical address of the company with a link that connects to its website. The citations are on the internet and appear in the form of reviews, listings and other forms, and have the capability of enhancing or destroying a business.

The two types of citations namely structured citations and unstructured citations. Structured citations is the most common type and entails the details discussed above. Some of the sites that have these citations include Facebook, MapQuest, and Yellowpages. Unstructured citations, on the other hand, have the information spread across the world wide web but not necessarily, a business-listing directory like it is the case of structured citations. The following are the steps needed to be followed when making a local citation audit and cleanup. Visit this website at for more info about marketing.

You should first find the site in which the company has been listed. Local citation services are happy to list down where the information has been listed. Some of the sites will show how businesses have been listed in search engines and other citation sources. It is also possible to check the location of the citation as well.

The next step involves isolating the conflicting entries and setting a firm standard. You should first make online review management services decision on how you want your company to be grouped and the formatting of NAP data appearance, which helps eliminate competition. The formatting used should be similar to the one used to show information about the company.

The other step includes questioning and updating the profile and accounts by yourself. The profile should be for every important entry. While creating the profiles, you should trace and correct the errors that may be seen in entries that contain conflicting information. However, some sources have a complicated process that needs you to make a letter that requests the update or removal of an entry.

The other step is that of following up. This is necessary because the sources above may not be quick in updating the requested information. The process, therefore, requires a lot of patience, after which you should initiate another checker audit that will help you, find out where you are and follow up with the sources that have not updated information. The citation cleanup services work will then begin if everything is in order. You should constantly keep logging in to the local profile and check the reviews of the customers. To keep the customer happy, you should keep replying to their feedback whenever they review.

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